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Brand Monitoring

Yalert provides the ultimate tool in brand monitoring allowing you to monitor competitor, partner, supplier, customer websites as well as forums, blogs and news.

Brand Monitoring used to be much simpler than it is today, it used to be easy monitoring your brands when there were only a handful of TV stations, the major newspapers and magazines to worry about! Now there are thousands of media outlets to monitor, with more and more being created each week.

Monitoring and protecting your Brand has never been more difficult. Virtually anyone can now voice their opinions rightly or wrongly, truthfully or not, across the whole world within seconds. Brands that have taken years of hard work to develop can be damaged rapidly over night.

Some of the Risks to your Brand…

  • Negative buzz
  • Protest issues
  • Brand misuse
  • Cybersquatting
  • Brand abuse

On the positive side, using the Yalert Brand Monitoring service, there has never been as much opportunity as now to find out what your Clients and Customers really think about you! By monitoring what’s been said by your Customers you can avoid issues before they happen, predict emerging trends, find out what people think about your competitors and much more.

It’s important to understand, through brand monitoring, whether you’re creating a positive or negative buzz within your marketplace. Either way you can do something about it. If you’re creating a negative buzz you can react at the soonest opportunity to turn around the situation around. If you’re creating a positive buzz you can build on it to gain further competitive advantage.

Some of the many Benefits of the Yalert Brand Monitoring service…

  • Exploit opportunities to increase your income
  • Build on positive buzz to maximise your opportunities
  • Save time monitoring your brands
  • Reduce cost of brand monitoring
  • Reduce stress of monitoring your brands

Yalert can provide you with near real time alerts and intelligence which will enable you to protect your brand and reputation, and be better prepared to gain or maintain a healthy lead over your competition.

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