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Business Intelligence

Yalert supplies the ultimate business intelligence application in the modern world of the internet supplying those reliant on the internet for day-to-day business with near-real time intelligence.

You can monitor as many aspects of your business as you like including your customers, competitors and suppliers. It’s now easy to monitor trends and receive alerts on a macro or micro level, so you can see what’s emerging on the horizon, down to knowing exactly what’s been said, when and where, about your latest product launch or promotion.

With Yalert you can gather business intelligence by monitoring, tracking and building trends relating to your own brands and products, as well as your competitors, across the whole internet including:

  • News / Media websites
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Special Interest sites
  • Trade and Industry Sites and Forums
  • Protest sites
  • and many more…

Find out what people really think about you – good or bad – truthful or not – once you know you can react quickly and positively!

Yalert can track, monitor and build trends automatically 365 days a year delivering the ultimate in business intelligence.

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