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Reputation Management

Yalert supplies reputation management services and software to others supplying such services based on conventional manual techniques.

Reputation management is quickly becoming a major issue for everyone – not just businesses. Famous people, celebrities, politicians, and people who regularly appear in the media are starting to realise the need to proactively manage their reputation.

To manage your reputation, whether that’s your own personal reputation, your company’s reputation or that of your products and services, you need to know what’s been said, who’s said it and when?

It’s so easy for your reputation to be damaged – rightly or wrongly – and the opportunity to cause damage quickly has never been greater than now. With the global rise of social networks which are becoming more and more effective, and negative communications travelling across the globe rapidly, the situation is only going to get more challenging.

Yalert can provide a solution to your Reputation Management strategy by monitoring and reporting back on:

  • News / Media Websites
  • Private blogs
  • Forums
  • Special interest sites
  • Protest sites
  • Employer / Employee Blogs
  • Expert blogs
  • Top Blogs
  • and many more…

You can’t put a true price on your reputation being seriously damaged. Yalert provides a truly cost effective solution to your reputation management concerns.

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