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Social Network Monitoring

Yalert allows web users to monitor the rapidly evolving and rarely regulated social network scene for abusive or fake material and cybersquatting. In addition, Yalert can monitor, track and report back on what’s been said about you, your company, your brands and products across the ever increasing number of social networks.

Sites like Myspace, Youtube and more recently Facebook are becoming very effective at spreading communications, good or bad at an exponential rate. This needs monitoring closely and on an ongoing basis. Gossip spreads quickly and you need to be aware of the positive and negative buzz being created about your business. In addition it’s important to understand how your competition is doing and how you are rated against your competitors.

Social network monitoring with Yalert allows you to monitor all aspects of your business, customers and competition on the social networks so you can see what's happening on the horizon and predict emerging trends as well as deal with potentially major issues before they reach a critically damaging stage.

Tags : social network, cybersquatting, monitoring

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